10 Inspiring Quotes on Harnessing the Power of Wisdom

It is a wise person who sees the word "impossible" and views it as "I'M-Possible."

Having no response is often the wisest, most commanding response of all.

Only the wise recognize that wisdom doesn't have to include words.

When given the choice, be wise in actions over wise in words.

Your words carry so much power. Always pack them with wisdom.

The wisest people know that anything in life that is worth something is kept in the heart.

All wise people begin their journey of knowledge by learning to know themselves first and best.

Wisdom is the reward for practiced patience, a life of learning, and a well-used listening ear.

Intend to be as wise as nature, for she never gets pace or cadence wrong.

An open mind and an open heart are the cornerstones of wisdom.

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom." - Charles Dickens

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